Fenestration Innovation
by Ray Garries
January 4th, 2016

Your 2016 Innovation Resolutions

As the new year starts, many of us have created our resolutions list. In fact, most of us will make plans to improve ourselves and our circumstances. The new year’s resolutions give us a chance to “resolve” that this year of 2016 will be a “New Year,” different from the rest.

A long time ago, I took a course on goal setting that seems to apply well to resolutions since they are closely related. Resolutions are simply goals that you are deeply committed to completing. That training emphasized that resolutions must:

• Be about a passion;
• Be on top of your mind every day;
• Be measurable daily;
• Be able to be used in a team setting, and;
• Be simple.

Our industry remains in strong need of innovative, game-changing products. Setting resolutions for you and your team will position you for success. Resolve to be the team that will fulfill this need.

In that spirit, my resolution list for you to consider is:

1. Resolve to educate yourself in innovation principles. Take an online course such as Ideo’s “Insights for Innovation,” and read at least two books this year concerning innovation, such as The Ways to New: 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation. You will be changed if you commit to this education, the books and the people you will meet during the process.

2. Resolve to improve your innovation team. Share resources. Hire a consultant. Build the war room, and above all commit to the time it takes to succeed. These ideas and more are from my September blog post. Your team must be the best trained and equipped to reach your innovation goals.

3. Resolve to upgrade your innovation tools. Make those investments we have discussed in my October blog post and deeply commit to insuring you have the best resources to inspire your team. 2015 gave us many new machines, processes, and ideas to improve our tools. Sharpen them to gain the edge.

4. Resolve to go faster. Speed is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Shorten your timelines, figure out how to stop wasting minutes, commit to FAST. Remember Mario Andretti’s quote; “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough!”

That’s it! Keep your resolutions simple and short. I’ve always believed that too many goals cause too much confusion. If much easier if you can keep your team focused on the same simple resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Please let me know how your innovation is progressing at raygarries@gmail.com and see innovative ideas at LinkedIn’s Fenestration Innovation Network.

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