Milanese Remodeling
by Mark Milanese
August 12th, 2014

Would you Like a Side of Doors & Windows?

Clients are renewing their home with new siding far more often this year. More people who are replacing siding are replacing their doors and windows as well.

Are you and your company prepared to take the best advantage of this growing trend?

If you are a door and window installation specialist, you may consider partnering with an experienced exterior surface company that could use your expertise. Better yet, consider retooling your company so you are able to provide complete exterior remodeling. After all, the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone and the doors and windows are connected to the wall. To provide your client with an overall rewarding experience that solves all of their problems, it may be smart to expand your service scope to include siding if you want to grow with this growing trend.

If you are a door and window manufacturer or make siding, you may consider checking if you are doing enough to make sure the connection between the ankle and the foot isn’t broken. Time and time again I see siding accessories that really aren’t made to work properly with the fenestration they surround. Often, additional flashings and sealants are required along with the typical home wrap and tape.   Most door and window manufacturers offer custom wall thicknesses, but do they really address how their window works with the thicker insulated siding and lineals that are meant to replace casings and J-channels? These lineals have become so popular with homeowners who desire to add energy efficiency and create the right look, but they often still require additional custom made metal work on-site.

We could all do better of promoting the AAMA InstallationMasters™ program, judging from the number of installers who have not received the InstallationMasters™ training and certification yet.

Certainly, we should train our salespeople to recognize the opportunity to grow a siding job to include doors and windows. New doors and windows should be introduced during every siding project presentation, causing the end consumer to understand the exterior of their home will perform and look better. Why not educate them about how important doors and windows are to their home while talking about siding?

After all, even the first-time employee of a fast food drive-through window is trained to ask, “Would you like a side of fries with your order?”

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