WMA and MMPA Launch In-Depth Survey for Millwork Industry

February 23rd, 2018 by Editor

The World Millwork Alliance (WMA) and the Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (MMPA) are leading a comprehensive 2018 Millwork Cross-Industry Survey on production, consumption and current trends in the moulding and millwork industry.

WMA and MMPA invite all millwork professionals (association members and non-members alike), designers and builders to participate in the Millwork Cross-Industry Survey.

“This collaborative effort between the two associations should reap far-reaching benefits to those immersed, connected or interested in the millwork industry. We are attempting to track the raw material through the manufacturing process up to the consumption point,” said Kellie Schroeder, CEO of the MMPA. “Sawmills, manufacturers, distributors, builders and designers may elect to participate in the cross-industry survey.”

The Millwork Cross Industry Survey data will include market consumption by individual product/service, per-capita consumption, trends and forecasts, buyers, end users and customer profile, consumer demographics, distribution channels, industry profile and national data.

“A great deal of change has taken place in the millwork industry, and the survey is being conducted at the right time,” said Rosalie Leone, WMA CEO. “The range and depth of information and data the survey will produce will better assist our manufacturers and distributors navigate future business decisions.”

The survey is being conducted by Oregon State University on behalf of WMA and MMPA. The survey will be open until February 28. The Millwork Cross-Industry Report will be available in late May.

How to Fill Out the Survey
To complete this questionnaire, you may need to refer to your records for calendar year 2017 to include overall sales volume, production volume, supply chain information, raw material purchasing, etc. Moulding and millwork manufacturers, along with millwork distributors, please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey. For your convenience, you can save your work and continue later if you need to stop to assemble data materials. Other manufacturers, builders, architects and specifiers should allow approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey .

Follow this link to enter your information into the survey.

For more information or to participate in the Millwork Cross-Industry Survey, contact WMA or MMPA.

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