Windows a Common Theme in October Awareness Activities

October 4th, 2013 by Editor

Several major national consumer awareness campaigns in October have an overarching theme that gives homeowners good reason to review the windows in their homes: Fire Prevention Week (October 6-12), National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (October 20-26), Crime Prevention Month and Energy Awareness Month.

“Windows are a vital part of our daily living experience, so it’s important to make certain they’re properly maintained as part of a family’s safe living strategy,” says John Stark, marketing manager for Simonton Windows. “A window that is painted shut or not securely locked at night can impede the safety of a family.”

“October is a key month for families to evaluate the energy efficiency of their homes. During this cooler time of the year, we like to remind homeowners to make sure their windows and doors are functioning properly, area accessible as an escape route in case of an emergency; and ensure they offer the best possible potential for energy efficiency,” he adds.

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