Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
April 3rd, 2008

Why Window Film Voids Window Warranties

When Action Window Tinting came to my house to offer an estimate for installing window film on my house (see last blog) I told him I wrote for Door and Window Manufacturer (DWM) magazine and he said, “Oh, you write for the companies that want to wash their hands of film.”

So then we started talking about window warranties. We spoke about the survey DWM magazine performed in which respondents were asked:

Do any of the following situations void the window warranty offered by your organization?

Change in home ownership—47 percent
Use of window film—71 percent
Failure to water test—6 percent
Other—35 percent

In 71 percent of cases, manufacturers said the use of window film voids the warranty.

It’s easy to see both sides of this issue. The window film folks think: they do a good job so why shouldn’t the window continue to be covered? But from the perspective of the window manufacturer I can see why they wouldn’t want to cover the use of film. If a manufacturer could be 100 percent sure of the quality of work provided they might be more apt to continue the window warranty. But even Andrew admits, “all you need is a tax ID number to start a business.” He concedes that many companies don’t do a good job at film installations.

There are any more issues at play when it comes to installing window film and the effect this may have on IG units.

To read more on this issue click here for an article published in Window Film magazine in which both window manufacturers and window film installers were interviewed.

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