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by Mark Milanese
January 19th, 2016

When You Have a ‘Eureka!’

I got a new calendar and each month begins with an inspirational quote. Leafing through it, September caught my eye:

“Getting an idea should be like sitting down on a pin …

It should make you jump up and do something.”

– E.L. Simpson

I get new ideas every day and I suppose everyone else does, too. For me, a new idea feels just like the cartoons depict it—a light bulb turning on overhead. The light from that bulb is inspiration. It forces my eyes open and lights my way to action.

I have to admit, some of my ideas are real stinkers. They have no merit, they don’t solve a problem successfully, they have no means to be implemented, the risk they require is too great for any potential reward or the numbers just don’t work. Those ideas are losers.

Not to brag, but some of my ideas also end up being real winners. My ideas have gotten me out of jams, helped me brand, market and close sales, motivated others to achieve their potential, helped me organize my world and given me new opportunities to succeed. Those ideas are profitable.

In reality, most of my ideas are forced upon me. They are simply solutions to a problem with which I’m confronted. Some come from random daydreaming. Others occur when I’m brainstorming about future possibilities. I also get them while reminiscing or reviewing the past.

Most of these good and bad ideas were like pins, says E.L. Simpson. They made me jump up and do something!

But, some of my ideas didn’t motivate me enough to jump… Sometimes they woke me in the middle of the night, but were gone the next morning. Other times, I hesitated to act and the moment passed. Still, other times the idea was too big for my comfort level and fear got the better of me. My ideas that disappeared are bigger regrets than those that have failed.

When we ignore our own ideas we are hesitant about creating our own unique future and stunt our own development. That may be fine if we are content with our lot in life, but if we desire change and ignore new ideas because we are timid, lazy or fainthearted, we imprison ourselves to passive dissatisfaction.

Weighing risk versus reward is essential, but when we have an idea then dare to take action, we transform ourselves and take control of our own destiny. Yes, sometimes we will fail, but when we succeed we have literally made our dreams come true.

The next time you sit on the pinprick of an idea, don’t just squirm. Jump up and do something!

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