Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
August 10th, 2010

What’s your Unique Ad Method?

If you’re like me and you work in the window industry, every time you see an ad for a window company ad you probably pay closer attention. Have you ever been to a major sporting event and seen an ad from your competition on the right field wall, for example? Admittedly, not many companies spend their ad dollars this way, but some have found a degree of success at sports advertising, while others have decided to stick with conventional ad methods.

I’m writing a feature on this topic for our upcoming September issue and it’s a pretty interesting idea. Writing the article reminded me how consumer preferences vary so widely–perhaps that’s why it’s so important to use varied advertising vehicles. Different people like to receive different information in varying ways. Here’s a personal example. I was talking to my husband one night while he was watching the New York Yankees (he’s a die-hard fan). I told him about my article and he started going on about how this type of advertising is ruining the stadiums. In fact, as we were talking he started going on about the tacky, large McDonald ad right behind home plate. He’s a purist who particularly loves the few old school stadiums like the old New York Yankees stadium (though he just visited the Yankees’ new home and said that was impressive as well), Boston’s Fenway Park, etc.

But if we needed to buy new windows I wonder if his mind would pull up those Jeld-Wen ads he’s seen while attending our local Washington Nationals games. Or maybe he would remember seeing Ameritech signs at the Nats game (though when I probed him on it after he attended a recent game he didn’t remember this one). Maybe he just recalled Jeld-Wen because we happen to have a Jeld-Wen patio door.

That’s part of what I found while researching the article: it’s hard to measure how effective advertising at sporting events is. Though then again the same problem could occur with other ad methods. Someone may hear a radio ad from your company and then go to your website to make an inquiry. Was that a success for the radio ad or Internet?

One of the representatives I interviewed for the article sent me to YouTube to watch a video the company posted there. I have to admit I’m not usually a YouTube searcher as many are and I was interested to see many window companies who had videos on the site. I thought this is another interesting way to capture the interest of a web-savvy consumer,

What are you doing in terms of advertising that is different and unique? E-mail me at or post a comment here.

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  1. We’re doing some youtube stuff that we post on our website. for those of you that have any aviation interests we made a video recently with a Russian Yak 18T and sprinkled our logo and fact that we are trying to populate the web with the idea that your painted vinyl window source for large projects and small should be sourced from MGM Industries.
    for a Cool video. I did the editing and filming so the idea is cost effective. FYI, I set the tone with an opening sequence with the theme of the original Mission Impossible from the 60’s, some Blacksheep music from the old tv show and then some Top Gun music. If we don’t get any business, it was FUN!

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