Tyson's Take
by Tyson Schwartz
February 15th, 2011

What Weather?

I thought I read something about parts of the country having some snow (sarcasm)! It has been an unbelievable and perhaps better put, an unbearable winter for most parts of the country. There are parts of the country where roofs are literally collapsing under the weight of massive snow. There were over a hundred cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and at the time of writing this, the Dallas airport was struggling to stay open for Super Bowl revelers, during an uncharacteristic February snow event!

But no one needs a weather report from me to notice there has been an effect on business. I also believe that everyone that has ‘sales’ patience during this rough winter will be rewarded. This weather is pointing out to many homeowners that they are truly in need of replacement windows, new roofs, insulation, even upgraded siding, etc. All the improvements that help homeowners save on energy and be more comfortable in their homes are certainly on the radar.

I was listening to Joe Bastardi, one of AccuWeather’s main meteorologists. Two years ago, he predicted that 2011 would be a rough winter. He also recently said in the same interview that if you think the 2011 winter was/is bad, wait until next year!

All this cold weather means we as a country are using more energy to keep our homes warmer. This makes heating our homes more expensive. And as a result, we (as homeowners) are looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and energy expenses.

Improving the energy efficiency of windows is a great place to start. As window manufacturers and window dealers, we all understand and promote the benefits of replacement windows. And despite the short term challenges the weather causes our businesses, the weather also reminds all of us that we need to make our homes more energy efficient.

The weather causes us to be creative in our marketing as well as causes us to work harder. Canvassers especially know the challenges of bad weather. But whether it be adjusting the your message on tv and radio commercials, or redesigning that direct mail piece, the weather will eventually turn into our friend instead of our foe.

Good Selling!

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