Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
March 13th, 2008

What’s Your Word-of Mouth-Ratio?

I moved into a new house recently with beautiful bay windows. The problem is that I work out of my house and my office is at the front of the home where the sun shines brightly each morning. Even with a window shade and a fan going, it’s extremely hot in this room each day. That’s when I decided to install window film on all the windows of the main floor. My neighbor recommended the company she used to put a low-E film all through her house. I researched the company she used, Action Window Tinting, who is also a subscriber of our sister publication, Window Film magazine.

The company representative told me how great my neighbor was in that she gave him tons of leads and referrals. In fact, when we were talking his cell phone kept ringing and after he checked his messages he informed me, “All your neighbors are calling me. They must see my van in your driveway.”

Window film is much less expensive than, say, replacing even a few windows in a home, but it still made me think: “What’s your word-of-mouth ratio?” If one of your dealers is parked in a neighborhood with older homes in need of window replacements, is your phone ringing? Would that customer give a resounding reference to all people on the block?

And I know it sounds commonplace, but if a neighbor calls one of your dealers, will those dealers call them back? Common sense says yes, but do you really know if this is true in all cases?

I called another window film company before Action and he called me back almost two weeks later-after Action had come out for an estimate and we had planned the installation date. Little did this company owner know that if he had called me back sooner, and if he did a good job, I would have recommended him to others in the neighborhood who are planning to put film on their windows.

When I told this story to Andy of Action Window Tinting he said, “That’s pretty common. People around here don’t like to work.”

I challenge you as manufacturers to communicate with your dealers to ensure that they are indeed following up and not tarnishing your good name in neighborhoods across the country.

For more thoughts on window film, and why many window manufacturers won’t cover it under warranty see my next blog.

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