WDMA Publishes TM 14-13 on Interior Wood Coatings

December 23rd, 2013 by Editor

The Window and Door Manufacturer Association TM 14-13, Test Method for Factory Applied Clear and Pigmented Coatings for Interior Prefinished Wood and Wood Cellulosic Composites Used for Millwork, has been revised and updated, and is now available in the WDMA Online Bookstore. 

TM 14-13 has been revised and reaffirmed as a 2013 document by the WDMA Supplier Technology Committee. This updated document describes standard tests required for factory applied clear and pigmented coatings for interior wood and cellulosic composite millwork that will ensure a minimum acceptable level of performance with respect to film integrity and general appearance without the application of an additional field coating.

“The WDMA Supplier Technology Committee continues to ensure that WDMA materials standards are current,” says John McFee, WDMA vice president of Certification Services. “This is very important as standards like TM 14 are referenced in the North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for windows, doors, and skylights which is the internationally accepted performance standard/specification for windows, doors and unit skylights.”

To get a copy of  the updated offering, click here.

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