WDMA Launches Campaign to Amend ARRA Tax Credit Provisions

March 17th, 2009 by Editor

The members of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) have launched a campaign to amend language used in the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) regarding consumer incentives for energy-efficient doors, windows and skylights.”In conjunction with our members, WDMA has launched a targeted grass roots effort through our OneVoiceTM Advocacy Program to amend the ARRA fenestration tax credit language,” says WDMA president John Stoiber. “There is a section of ARRA that ties the eligibility of tax credits for energy efficient windows, doors and skylights to arbitrary standards of 0.3 U-factor and 0.3 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) rather than the established ENERGY STARĀ® standards. This standard is likely to create confusion in the market for both retailers and consumers, and will severely limit-and in some cases eliminate-many energy efficient products from qualifying for the tax credit that are now readily identifiable.”

WDMA has begun contacting legislators on behalf of its members. The WDMA says by amending the law to reference ENERGY STAR, it will:

– Account for the performance of the wide variety of energy-efficient doors, windows and skylights by establishing strict and clear compliance and product certification;

– Readily identify products in the marketplace with the ENERGY STAR label;
– Proof of purchase of ENERGY STAR labeled products can easily be used to document eligibility; and
– Recognize the differing climate conditions within the United States and establishes specific U-factor and SHGC criteria within each climate zone.

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  1. We are a small business with six lines of quality wood windows and our sales are being adversly affected by this financial crisis. The tax incentive in the Recovery Act would be a blessing, BUT congress chose to ignore the long standing Energy Star ratings and come up with their own. We are laying off people to stay in business. Thanks for the help!

    This is the spring season, a usually busy time of year. Most of our wood products are in the .31 to .33 range and do not qualify for the credit. Is this making sense to anyone? A quick reversal of the .30 standard is required. Go back to Energy Star immediately and set future dates for companies to reach the .30 level

  2. The .30 minimum U- value requirement is meant to ensure that consumers and taxpayers get REAL energy saving values for the money spent. With more progressive technology many, many Window manufacturers are achieving U-values much better than the .30 minimum requirement of the ARRA. The .30 should stay without change for the good of the consumer and the Nation.

  3. The 0.30 U-Factor is fine. It is easy to be under this number with quality dual-pane glass and frames.

    It is the requirement for a SHGC under 0.30. For the northern climate zone this is stupid.

    The best solution is to reference the 2010 EnergyStar standards. Here, we start to get better efficiency while still recognizing the differing demands on windows in the various climate zones.

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