Viwinco Windows Unveils New Company Logo

June 7th, 2021 by Editor

To mark with upcoming large-scale projects and the recent transition to Viwinco’s second generation of leadership, the company has unveiled a new Viwinco logo.

Company leadership says the new logo highlights the pivotal time in the company’s history.

“It is essential to invoke a more-modern feel that continues to reflect our family-oriented fundamentals that we hold strongly,” said Viwinco marketing and creative director Maria Duncan. “In the logo, the roof sitting above the Viwinco name signifies that a home is not fully complete without windows. While windows are just a single building component of a home, they are what ties everything together.”

A two-tone color scheme is used on VI-WIN-CO to provide a subtle way to help pronounce the company name correctly. The logo was designed by Viwinco’s marketing department and upper management, and is intended to work across digital and physical platforms.

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