Dealer Keys to Success
by Joe Mills
June 3rd, 2020

Today’s Home Improvement Marketing Plans

As more states relax stay at home orders, anecdotally, more of you seem to be getting back to business. It seems that all of the things we heard about people sitting around noticing all the things wrong with their homes may be true, as many of our dealer partners report record setting May sales.

As we get back into our discussions about digital marketing for your home improvement businesses, I think it makes some sense to talk about how the “new normal” might affect your marketing and lead generation efforts—at least for the next few months.

Review your marketing plan: We’ve talked before about the importance of a good marketing plan, one for which you’ve planned for different segments, determined your planned investments for those segments, and have mechanisms in place to regularly review the efficacy of investments and make adjustments accordingly. Now’s the time to review the entire plan and understand what might have changed as a result of the pandemic. For example, it’s a pretty safe bet that any events you planned to have a presence in aren’t going to happen in the foreseeable future. There may be some not-yet-committed funds that you can apply elsewhere.

Media matters: As we get further away from all this, and closer to the campaign season, you can bet politicians will seek to gain a foothold in the media. Do what you can to secure space now, especially in medium where there’s less of a chance to get boxed out.

Give them a reason: Given all the coverage regarding the record unemployment rate, it’s no wonder that some homeowners, while recognizing the need, are scared to pull the trigger. This is a great time to market financing, same as cash options, especially those that are longer-term. Many of the dealer-partners mentioned earlier had their phones ringing off the hook because they marketed their financing options.

Make them comfortable: We touched on this a bit last time, but it’s just as important now to “market” how you’ll handle your interactions with homeowners regarding consultations and installations.

Digitize: Internet usage during the COVID outbreak jumped by more than 70%, and you can bet that many of those searchers were researching potential home improvement projects. This is the time to double down on your digital marketing efforts.

To help, we’ve been walking through a series about digital home improvement marketing—specifically how to generate and evaluate traffic to your website. Next time we’ll begin working on ways you can turn more visitors into appointments.

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