TigerStop Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

May 8th, 2014 by Editor

TigerStop, founded in 1994, is celebrating 20 years in business in the wood, metal, fenestration and plastics industries. The company has manufactured and sold more than 30,000 machines.

TigerStop was founded in 1994 by Spencer Dick, who as the owner of a manufacturing business, became frustrated with the inherent inefficiencies of his machine operators stopping to reset and recalibrate whenever they were cutting material to various lengths. Dick also noticed that regardless of how carefully material was measured, the end results were always of slightly different dimensions. He founded TigerStop to automate the cutting process so that exact and accurate parts, whether wood, metal or plastic, would result each and every time.

With upcoming events at its Vancouver, Wash., headquarters and at the IWF and FabTech tradeshows in Atlanta, the company says it plans to unveil its latest innovations, including a “materials processing and optimization game changer.”

“We can hardly wait to celebrate with our customers and friends,” says Dick.

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