Thermal Industries Makes Personnel Changes

March 29th, 2012 by Editor

Some personnel changes have occurred recently at Thermal Industries, namely its president David Rascoe is no longer with the company and won’t be replaced, according to Tyson Schwartz, vice president of sales and marketing. Todd Rascoe, former vice president of operations has been replaced by Dan Novak.

Schwartz adds that Thermal was the last of the Atrium companies to be restructured. Namely, Atrium’s other divisions no longer have individual presidents, which is part of the reason for David’s departure.

“Dividing the decision-making among three people enables us all to make decisions more effectively,” says Schwartz. Those three key decision makers include Schwartz, Novak and Evan Kaffenes, chief financial officer, who reports directly to management at Atrium, Thermal’s parent company.

“We work well together and decisions are made quickly and ultimately products can get to market quicker,” says Schwartz.

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