Thermal Industries Celebrates 50th Anniversary

June 22nd, 2010 by Editor

Steve Hellner-Burris, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, Frank Hammond, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh Board President and David Rascoe, Thermal Industries President

To celebrate 50 years in the industry, David Rascoe, president of Thermal Industries Inc., a Division of Atrium Companies, recently announced the gift of 50 custom-made vinyl replacement windows to a non-profit organization, Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.

“In honor of our 50th anniversary as an industry leader, we are proud to announce the donation of 50 custom-made ENERGY STAR® qualified windows to Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, as well as an ongoing partnership that provides future window support. The retail value of this donation is approximately $20,000,” said Rascoe.

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh executive director Steve Hellner-Burris and Board president Frank Hammond were present for the announcement.

“This donation will impact approximately 15 homes in our area. Residences in the Hazelwood, Homewood and Wilkinsburg neighborhoods have already been selected to receive Thermal Industries’ replacement windows,” said. Hellner-Burris.

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly.

Thermal Industries operates two manufacturing facilities in Murrysville and Trafford, corporate and branch offices in Pittsburgh and 20 branch locations east of the Mississippi and employs approximately 450 people.

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