Therma-Tru Offers New Details on Virginia Plant Closing

October 3rd, 2008 by Editor

It’s been a little over a week since Therma-Tru announced that it will close its Fredericksburg, Va., plant. (CLICK HERE for that story). Bob Keller, vice president of manufacturing for the company, offered new details to DWM magazine on Friday, October 10, regarding that decision.

A large portion of Fredericksburg’s business was its Lowe’s customers, as the facility was strategically located near the Lowe’s distribution centers. Keller confirms that these operations will move to Butler, Ind., and Roland, Okla. Both facilities pre-hang products currently for Lowe’s.

“Overall, Therma-Tru’s volume dropped so low due to the housing market that you have to look at your excess capacity,” said Keller. “This outweighs the issue of logistics.”

The facility also is responsible for special orders and this will move to Butler as well.

As to how Therma-Tru customers will be affected Keller said, “It’s our job to make sure it doesn’t affect them.”

“Our job is to provide a viable product and our intent is to provide it on time, and we will do that whether it happens in Indiana or Virginia,” he added.

The company also produces steel-edged doors and Keller says that aspect of the business is still being evaluated but says some of them will move to an outside vendor.

“We’re going through this line to determine what products will continue and what products will move to an outside vendor,” said Keller.

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