Therma-Tru to 3D Print Face Shields for Hospitals

April 21st, 2020 by Drew Vass, Executive Editor

Shawn Coller, a senior CAD designer, holding one of Therma-Tru’s new face shields.

Officials for Therma-Tru announced today that the company has found a way to utilize 3D printing at its Maumee and Edgerton, Ohio-based facilities to produce protective face shields. While technicians typically use 3D printing to develop prototypes for exterior door technologies, the company obtained a template from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for products clinically proven to limit the spread of COVID-19. Officials say shields and other personal protective equipment will be donated to local hospitals and first responders throughout Ohio.

Technicians say they’ll produce 80 shields within the next week, but they’re exploring designs that will allow the company to manufacture shields at a faster pace in the days ahead.

“While collaborating with industry 3D-printing technologists, we determined we had a unique opportunity to play a role and help out,” says Connor Funk, lab technician. “The particular design of shield we are making offers added protection with the visor. We are also exploring other designs without a visor that are even faster to print to increase the number of shields we can produce daily for healthcare staff.”

Connor Funk, Therma-Tru lab technician, using 3-D printers to fabricate NIH-approved face shields for local hospital and healthcare workers.

As an Ohio-based company, Therma-Tru is committed to doing its part, says Mark Ayers, senior vice president of marketing and product development. “On behalf of Therma-Tru, we would like to thank all healthcare workers nationwide for their dedication during these challenging times,” Ayers says.

For other manufacturing companies equipped with 3D printing technologies, the company shares the following link to NIH’s template:

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