Dealer Keys to Success
by Joe Mills
December 4th, 2019

The Ultimate Referral

We all know that one of the keys to being successful in the door and window business is to create a homeowner experience that encourages referrals. Did you know that there’s a type of referral that can lead to even more business for your home improvement company that doesn’t come from homeowners?

As we work our way through the creation of a successful digital marketing program, we’ve started by discussing how to feed the machine. Today, we’ll look at another important website traffic source; referral traffic.

The definition of referral website traffic is pretty simple: when outside websites redirect visitors to your main site it’s counted as referral traffic.

Referral traffic is important for three main reasons:

  • It sends potential prospects from other sites that might have a similar target group and folks already trust their recommendations.
  • It provides data regarding the success of some of your advertising and outreach efforts.
  • It can help your search engine rankings as they look at the right kind of referrals as sort of a recommendation.

The more referrals (sometimes referred to as “backlinks”) that you have, the more favorably Google looks at your site.

Given the importance, you’re probably wondering how you can boost your referral traffic.

  • Be where your customers are—Active social media posting is a fantastic way to drive referral traffic. Make sure that the link you use in the post is contextual.
  • Follow them around—For those that are doing retargeting, being contextual is also important. Make sure that the banner ads are linked to a page (or landing page) on your site that matches the ad informationally.
  • Reciprocation—A great backlink to have is one from a vendor. Their business is related to yours, so it meets the contextuality requirement.
  • “Press” your advantage—Every press release should carry your main website link. Are you doing any press releases?
  • Constant contact—Are you doing any sort of email newsletter? You can link back to your site, or any specials that you might be running. We do a weekly sales and marketing strategy newsletter that drives a tremendous amount of referral traffic and conversions.
  • Be my guest—Guest posting on similar blogs is a great way to drive referral traffic and build authority. You’re reading a guest post right now!

Referral traffic can drive many more opportunities for you and your team. Next time we’ll talk about the most important type of traffic necessary to supercharge your growth.

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