Dealer Keys to Success
by Joe Mills
March 3rd, 2016

The Simpler, the Better

So, you’re getting busier, right? The phone’s starting to ring a little more. You’re prepping for the spring home shows. You and your team are updating sales kits and doing some refresher sales training. You may even be hiring (hopefully?) and training some new installers.

This is a great time of the year for those of us in this business, but it’s really easy to over complicate things and lose focus.

As I talk to dealers, salespeople and production teams, I’m reminded that we really have just three things we need to focus on each and every day. We refer to it as “The Circle of Life.”

What if you spent each day totally focused on getting leads, making sells and installing product? Sure, there’s the tinkering that goes on with margins, closing percentages, material shortages and all that other good stuff. But the reality is that a daily laser focus on these three things leads to success.

  • Leads—What’s working and what’s not? Do you know your numbers? Do you know your ideal customer and the process that they go through before they ever even reach out to you? Do you work with your vendor partners on how to generate not just more leads, but higher quality leads?
  • Sales—Are you doing any on-going training, or just running as many leads as possible thinking that the numbers take care of themselves? Do you know your numbers? Do you work with your vendor partners on not just specific product training, but actually how to best present the product in the home?
  • Installing product—Are you being creative in your installation recruitment process? Do you know your numbers? Are you working with your vendor partners to get your installers trained on not just how to install their product properly, but also on how to get coveted industry installation certifications?

Certainly, this particular “Circle of Life” leads to the inevitable “chicken or the egg” conversations. “I mean, I have to have someone to talk to before you can sell them anything, right?” “But I have to sell them something before I can install it, don’t I?” “Yes, but if I don’t install anything, where does the money come from to feed the machine?”

Like most of you, I prefer to look at these three things as being interdependent. It’s sort of like the three-legged-stool analogy. No matter how good two of the legs are, if one’s bad, the whole thing falls over.

How’s your “circle”?

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