Tyson's Take
by Tyson Schwartz
July 10th, 2012

The Multi-tasker!

How many of you are guilty of trying to do a few different things at one time, including having a telephone conversation, and then you get ‘caught’ by the person you are talking with? I am raising my hand – guilty here. In the ever growing field of ‘gadgets,’ and with so many bits of information being thrown at you, it’s easy to try and multi task. However, being good at multi-tasking, is another story.

I would venture to say that most of us aren’t very good at being multi-taskers. I’ll be the first to admit, I love my gadgets. My iPhone, iPad, laptop and a couple other things help me stay in touch with the marketplace, with customers, and even my personal life. These are great resources, but they can also be serious distractions. With all the beeping, the flashing, and the checking, these things can take away from concentrating on the task at hand or more importantly, the person at hand.

Over the past several months, I have made a renewed effort of being actively engaged with the person I am talking with whether it is face to face or over the telephone. Many times on appointments, I turn my cell phone off. When I am in the office talking on the phone, I turn my computer screen off. By doing these little things, I have found that I am much more engaged with people. And I just feel it’s good courtesy to do this as obvious as it seems.

Technology, e-communication, are all great things that help us accomplish more things today than ever before. But all this technology can get us distracted as well. In my opinion, I sometimes feel like we are losing the ‘art of face to face or voice to voice communication’ with all this technology.

My advice, take advantage of your technology but use it appropriately. And keep your verbal communication, your body language communication sharp. Implement no email Fridays with you and your team so communication skills say sharp. Technology is great, but don’t let it be a hurdle to great communication.

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  1. I have been referred to as a “neo Ludite” because I continue with my 2007 vintage Nokia phone ands refuse to text. Part of my concern is I do not desire to be distracted when I am driving or run the risk of embarassing myself. Likewise I leave my phone in the car when I have an appointment with a customer or a principal. Nothing is more ‘bush league” than a cell phone going off in a sale presentation.

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