Technoform Adds Capacity, Service at Ohio-Based Facility

April 25th, 2019 by Editor

Technoform’s Alonzo James at the  Twinsburg, Ohio facility.

Technoform has doubled the size of its current warehouse, while also adding new equipment to increase the capacity of its finishing and customization services in Twinsburg, Ohio.

“We have experienced tremendous growth, and with advanced equipment we will continue to improve the speed and quality of the operation to benefit our customers,” said Technoform’s Bill Blazek. “As part of our strategic plan, we are continually investing in technological and service enhancements, product and equipment innovations, and as needed, facility expansions that support our customers’ needs.”

Technoform’s James Watson at the Twinsburg, Ohio facility.

The additional square footage in Ohio offers a new shipping dock and a new, larger staging area for more efficient shipment operations, officials suggest. The facility also houses a new semi-automatic wrapping station and provides new space for returnable rack storage. This year, officials say the company expects to see continued increases of product shipments, while using returnable racks to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Technoform adds capacity and enhances service at its Ohio facility.

“Quality and speed to our customer through increased efficiency is the driving motivation for our latest equipment purchases, too,” added Blazek. “We recently installed new finishing and packaging machinery that can handle both coils and straight lengths of our polyamide thermal break material, and then semi-automatically wraps it for shipping. This improves the quality and consistency of our wrapping, and significantly reduces our previous, manually intensive process.”

Those changes, he said, free up the company’s employees to perform more important services for its customers.

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