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WinDoor Show Moves to Montreal

Feb 19th, 2016

WinDoor North America organizers hosted a press conference yesterday to officially announce the show’s move to Montreal in 2016. The event will be held November 15-17. As far as whether this will be a permanent location change from the show’s previous mainstay location of Toronto, Skip Maclean, Fenestration Canada president, says it could be a […]

How are Things Up North?

Nov 9th, 2015

Here’s one key takeaway from last week’s Win-door North America trade show in Toronto — it looks like the Canadian market for doors and windows could be facing a slowdown. As economist Warren Jestin made clear during his presentation last Thursday morning, Canada’s economy is struggling. “Growth in Canada will have a hard time getting to about 1 to […]

Canadian Economist Wakes Up Win-Door

Nov 6th, 2015

Win-door North America’s third day in Toronto featured an early-morning financial talk by Warren Jestin, the chief economist for Scotiabank, who sees slow growth ahead for Canada and slightly faster growth in the U.S. “Growth in Canada will have a hard time getting to about 1 to 1 ¼ percent this year,” he said. “The U.S. […]

8 Reasons to Attend Win-Door

Oct 27th, 2015

Win-door 2015 will be held November 3-5 in Toronto, and it’s not too late to attend. In fact, here are eight reasons to make your travel plans today. Innovation Presentations: This year, Win-door organizers are inviting exhibitors with new products to present those innovations center stage to Win-door attendees. New floor plan: Win-door will have a new floor […]

Win-Door Innovation Presentations Set

Oct 23rd, 2015

The Win-door North America organizing committee has released the lineup for the Innovation Presentations on opening night of the Win-door trade show, which will be held November 3-5 in Toronto. This new event puts these exhibitors at center stage for 10 minutes each to deliver a presentation to Win-door attendees. Here are the Innovation Presentation exhibitors: Alain Gervais of […]

Watch the DWM October Newscast for Energy Star News and Win-door Preview

Oct 19th, 2015

In this month’s DWM video newscast, we take a look at how companies are preparing for the Energy Star requirements set to go in effect in the Northern region. And as the industry prepares for the Win-door show in Toronto, find out what companies have planned for this annual event. Click HERE to watch the […]

Guest Blog: Make Win-Door Your Stage For Success

Oct 6th, 2015

For all Win-door exhibitors who have something to say to the industry, we’re giving you the stage. Exhibitors at the Canadian trade show, scheduled for November 3-5 in Toronto, will be offered a maximum 10-minute time slot on a centrally located stage to showcase their newest technologies, hot new products and outstanding services. This unique opportunity will […]

Guest Blog: Win-door Will Be Worth the Effort

Sep 29th, 2015

As we all ramp up for the 2015 Win-door show, scheduled for November 3-5 in Toronto, I can’t help but reflect on the many changes that have occurred to the annual “Social Event” of the year. From the “Ideas Show” to “Win-door,” the name, companies and people may have come and gone, but the main […]

Win-door Registration is Now Open

Sep 24th, 2015

Plan to attend Win-Door? We do, too! You can now register for the big fenestration event in Toronto, to be held November 3-5. To register, click here. There’s also a form to register for the “Innovation Presentations.” To register for those, click here. Sponsor information will be released soon.

Guest Blog: A Better Win-Door is Coming in November

Sep 22nd, 2015

Merriam–Webster defines change as “to give a different position, course or direction.”  The Win-door audience asked for it and the committee has obliged. A stronger position in the industry, a better course to get there and the direction is THE FUTURE… The main event in Canada’s fenestration industry, Win-Door,  vows to be different in a […]