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Comprehensive Tax-Reform Bill Passes Senate

Dec 20th, 2017

The Senate voted early Wednesday to approve a sweeping tax-reform bill that could help the door and window industry. Because of a procedural error, the House will have to re-vote on the bill. It’s expected to be signed later this week by President Trump. Here are the highlights of the final legislation, which has some […]

Senate Tax Bill Gets Industry Scrutiny

Dec 5th, 2017

The tax-reform bill that passed in the Senate late last week includes provisions that are more favorable to housing and the door and window industry than the bill approved by the House of Representatives in mid-November. The Senate version of the bill preserves the current $1 million cap on the mortgage interest deduction. The House […]

House Tax Reform Bill Could Impact R&R Spending

Nov 20th, 2017

Late last week, a controversial tax reform bill made its way past the first step toward legislation by passing a House vote 227-205. While Republican lawmakers cheered the passage, colleagues across the aisle cheered because this win now could actually have a significant impact on midterm elections. Regardless of where you stand politically, as an […]