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What Is Emergy? And What Does It Have to Do With Homebuilding?

Oct 4th, 2023

While the word ‘emergy’ might raise a red flag for most spell-check systems, it isn’t a typo. Rather, it’s an analysis theory that provides an energy-related base for assessing the properties of “products and services of social, economic and ecological compound systems,” say researchers from the Institute of Economics and Management, Shanghai University of Electric […]

Researchers Develop Glass That Requires Less Energy to Produce, Retains Strength

Jul 6th, 2023

A close up of a Lion glass sample.

A new type of glass engineered by Penn State University researchers aims to cut glass manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions in half. The material, dubbed LionGlass, was designed to use less energy to produce while remaining more damage resistant than standard soda lime silicate glass. Researchers recently filed a patent application and are in the process […]

Corning Debuts New Glass and Production Line for Thin Triples

Jun 26th, 2023

(This article was updated June 28, 2023.) Researchers at the University of Maryland found that people remember information better when it’s presented in virtual environments. Perhaps that was the premise employed by thin-glass manufacturer Corning Inc. when it hosted its “Advanced Windows Virtual Experience” last week. The company used, a web-based, virtual meeting platform, […]

Hydrogel Glass Windows Let in More Light, Less Heat

Sep 8th, 2022

Researchers at Wuhan University in China seek to develop hydrogel glass that will keep buildings and living spaces cooler, without the loss of visibility to the outdoors. According to a research article published in the journal Frontiers of Optoelectronics and titled Broadband Light Management in Hydrogel Glass for Energy Efficient Windows that Proposes Designing Hydrogel […]