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Pella Window Legal Battle Hears New Request for $9 Million

Sep 25th, 2018

A 12-year legal battle, between Pella Corp. and participants who accuse Pella of selling leaky windows, recently took a turn. Law360 reports that the attorneys representing current and former clients in a class action case against Pella asked an Illinois federal Judge to approve their request for $9 million in legal fees. The case, Saltzman […]

Choice-of-Law Analysis in Fenestration Litigation

Dec 13th, 2017

The owner and manager of Made-Up Glass Shop Inc., based out of Missouri, called me recently, explaining that his company had just been sued for allegedly defective windows. The windows were sold and installed into a new apartment complex in California. The general contractor hired numerous subcontractors from New Mexico to assist in the construction […]

A Look Inside an Overtime Pay Lawsuit

Mar 31st, 2016

A lawsuit in Florida demonstrates some of the labor-law challenges facing door and window dealers when it comes to overtime pay. A court in South Florida recently issued a summary judgment that Window Mart Inc. and WM International Group LLC, and its owners, Liliana and Luis A. Morales, were not subject to the Fair Labor Standards […]

Construction-Defect Litigation: Are You Prepared?

Mar 1st, 2016

Our litigious society isn’t just about people getting scalded by drive-through coffee and suing. It’s also a big concern for members of the fenestration industry, who frequently get burned in construction-defect litigation. Chip Gentry of the Call & Gentry Law Group in Missouri discussed lawsuits, insurance and warranties during a presentation at a recent meeting […]