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IEA “Efficient World Scenario” Calls On More Efficient Windows

Oct 23rd, 2018

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released the Energy Efficiency 2018 report, which highlights the environmental benefits of efficient technology for buildings and appliances. Described as an “annual global tracker of energy efficiency trends and indicators,” the report mentions the collective benefits of energy-efficient windows. As a result, “Sales of low emissivity or ‘low-E’ windows […]

IEA Introduces Roadmap to Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Technology

Dec 20th, 2013

Officials from the International Energy Agency (IEA) commended advanced nations such as the U.S., Canada, Russia and others for their efforts to date, but says that more can be done still in the building of energy-efficient building envelopes, including the increased use of insulating glass, low-E coatings and triple-glazed windows. Wednesday’s release of the Energy […]