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GPAD Keys in on Downtime and Automation

Apr 3rd, 2019

Automation is a growing trend within the door- and window-related industries—including glass. It was no surprise, then, to find the topic a key focal point among presenters at the 2019 Glass Processing Automation Days (GPAD) Conference. Held in San Antonio last week, many of the event’s speakers focused on the advantages of full-duplex information and […]

American Insulated Glass Installs HHH Tempering Furnace

Jun 12th, 2018

HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) installed a glass tempering furnace at the new American Insulated Glass (AIG) facility in Birmingham, Ala. AIG purchased a North Glass tempering furnace from HHH to anchor its third fabrication facility. The full convection tempering furnace— installed and serviced by HHH—is known for producing soft-coat, low-E glass. The additional facility and […]