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Company Inaugurates Program to Help Fire Victims

Dec 7th, 2018

California has had massive fires in its past, but none compare to the state’s most recent. The “Camp Fire” has destroyed 150,000 acres of land, leaving behind nothing but soot and ash, while claiming 85 lives. The town of Paradise is barely recognizable. Meanwhile, one glass company is reaching out to help those in need. […]

California Wildfires Cause Major Disruption to Door and Window Dealers

Nov 30th, 2018

From a Milgard dealer who lost his home, to disruption of delivery schedules and employees having to endure severe environmental conditions, the California wild fires are having real effects on the door and window industry. Labeled the “Camp Fire,” California’s latest wild fire has been one of the deadliest in history. While USA Today reports that the fire has […]