Sunrise Releases SOS App for Instant Installation Assistance

November 21st, 2019 by Editor

Sunrise Windows and Doors’ director of marketing Joe Mills announced today the release of the new Support on Site (SOS) app. The app, available as an iOS and Android download, is designed to support dealer partner production and installation personnel in the field.

“One of the most frustrating things that can happen is for an installer to be on a job site and have a question that can’t immediately be answered,” Mills says. “It can result in not finishing the install, and not collecting final payment.”

Technical service advisor Paige Garee says, “With one tap, an installer or a member of a dealer’s service team can have immediate access to a member of our service group via phone, email, chat or even video chat, which allows the installer to show us exactly what they are seeing. This makes diagnosing and solving the problem quick and easy.”

Mills says that this app is helping with labor challenges by assisting with quick and proper installer training.

The app has information to directly contact Sunrise service personnel on-demand and also access hundreds of install and troubleshooting PDFs and videos.

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