Sparklike Team Grows by Three

March 16th, 2021 by Editor

Riina Leinimaa

Sparklike has announced its strengthening its organization with the hiring of Riina Leinimaa, Muhamed Al Husaini and Ville Arosarka.

Leinimaa started as a marketing assistant on March 1st and handles marketing materials and other support related to Sparklike marketing activities.

Muhamed Al Husaini

Al Husaini started as a laser service specialist on February 15th. He will be the contact person for Sparklike Laser maintenance and technical support while Ville-Petteri Säily is on paternity leave.

Ville Arosarka

Arosarka started as a service and automation mechanic on March 1st in the Sparklike’s After Sales team. He will bring further professional resources to the Laser Integrated installations and Laser services.

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