Solar Innovations True Wood Products Line

May 20th, 2015 by Editor

Solar Innovations Inc. has recently developed both folding glass wall and tilt-turn product options utilizing a true wood design. solar

Recent wood prototypes included a white oak folding glass wall and a tilt-turn window system. These true wood prototype mock-ups utilized a scantling created from a three-piece lam that provides strength to the system, according to the company. Additional door configurations are being developed from this scantling system with many products scheduled for fabrication and launch in the coming months, the company says. Solar Innovations Inc. plans to develop its own line of hardware specific to the true wood product line.

Although Solar has provided wood veneer interiors and glulam products for more than 12 years, the true wood system will allow for operable door and window systems to be manufactured out of 100 percent wood scantlings rather than utilizing an applied wood veneer. The true wood system will allow surfaces to be sanded or refinished multiple times throughout the product’s life cycle, according to the company.

Solar Innovations Inc. recommends the true wood system be utilized for interior or sheltered exterior applications. With the proper finishes selected, the true wood system may be employed in exterior applications in some environments. An exterior aluminum clad option will commence full production before the end of 2015.

Although testing has not yet been executed, Solar says it intends to test the new products for air, water, structural, and impact ratings in the future.


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