Company Introduces Smart Windows at a Lower Cost Point

July 28th, 2017 by Editor

Denver-based RavenWindow recently launched  a thermochromic “smart” window that  the company says costs much less than electronic-transitioning windows and has a short payback period for homeowners.

The Gen3 window uses patented nanotechnology to transition from a clear state to a tinted state based on exterior temperature within minutes. It can optimize natural light, block UV rays and reduce glare with no need for programming, wiring or additional installation.

“RavenWindow reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV degradation while maintaining a view and connection to the outdoors,” said Lance Kling, regional sales manager. “Our products are a fraction of the cost of electrochromic glass and are priced to be competitive with high-performance low-E glass and blinds.”

According to the company, RavenWindow’s Gen3 thermochromic glass can provide significant energy savings, up to 30 percent on utility bills, and costs much less than electronic-transitioning glass. In addition, customers save on the cost of installation and maintenance of interior blinds. This amounts to an immediate return on investment (best case) and within 2-4 years (worst case).

Gen3 features an increased size capacity, allowing RavenWindow to apply the filter to glass as big as 5 by 10 feet.


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