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by Joe Mills
September 6th, 2018

Six Steps to Supercharging Your Lead Generation Efforts

While we are entering into what is typically the best time of year in the window and door business, many of us are also beginning to think about our marketing plans for 2019, with an eye to getting a good start out of the gate.

Here are six things that you can begin working on now, to hedge your bets for a successful start to 2019.

Have a Plan

The old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” is true. The best way to get started includes reviewing each of your lead generation efforts from 2018 and setting goals for those and new ones heading forward. We’ll devote a whole post to this next month.

Understand your Ideal Customer

This is an exercise that many businesses skip. But wouldn’t better insights into the pains, challenges and obstacles that your customers face help to guide how you market and sell to them? Google the term “buyer’s personas” for more in-depth instruction on how to develop these.

It’s About the Journey

There’s a definite process that buyers go through. Understanding that process will help you to understand where and how you should market in each step, in order to maximize your opportunities for capturing leads. More about how the home improvement buyers process works can be found here.

People, People, People

An often-missed part of the lead generation thought process includes the internal staff that is involved. While answering the phone and/or dealing with homeowners politely should be a given, are members of your team trained to view every interaction as a potential opportunity for creating customers and leads?

Put a Good Face On

How old is your website? Is it more like a brochure? The vast majority of research into potential buyers begins on the Internet today. A previous post about what you should try to accomplish with your website, and another about how to begin the process of using your site as a lead generator should give you some great ideas.

It’s About the Process

Think through all the ways that you capture leads. Are there potential opportunities for leads to fall through the cracks?

We’ll flesh some of these out further over the next few visits, starting next month with an easy way to create a home improvement marketing plan. Stay tuned!

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