Santiago Investment Group Acquires Sprouse Windows and Doors

November 18th, 2022 by Editor

Denver-based private equity firm Santiago Investment Group LLC recently announced that it acquired a majority ownership position in Sprouse Windows and Doors, a long-time family-owned business based in New Martinsville, W.V., that manufactures windows and doors for both the new residential construction and residential remodel markets.

“We believe customers and employees of Sprouse Windows and Doors will benefit from our industry contacts, financial expertise, and management experience. It is an exciting opportunity for Santiago and Sprouse,” said Cal Noreen of Santiago Investment Group.

Sprouse Windows and Doors manufactures energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors and has been doing so for 37 years. The company also has roots in the aluminum industry and has fabricated vinyl window systems designed by prominent companies. A Santiago press release says Sprouse will continue to partner with companies focused on energy efficient window systems.

According to the press release, recent growth led Sprouse leadership to partner with Santiago, which will invest in modernizing equipment, as well as employee engagement while adhering to the company’s vision of “Imagine Something Better.”

“We are thrilled about the next chapter for Sprouse Windows and Doors. We have always prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality products while providing exceptional customer service and with new ideas and investment from Santiago Investment Group, this is truly an exciting time for Sprouse employees and customers!” said Audrey Bartlett of Sprouse Windows and Doors.

Sprouse will continue to operate under the same name with the same commitment to “delivering high-quality products to its customers and strategic guidance from Santiago,” the press release said.

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