Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
April 14th, 2009

Reflecting on Some Personnel News

We all know many people are unemployed and no matter who is out of work for whatever reason, our heart goes out to these people. But I just had to share a few thoughts with you about some of our industry folks.A few months ago I talked to Dwayne Adams, plant manager at Echo Windows in Red Oak, Iowa. Adams was a long-time employee, and found himself unemployed when the plant shut down in late February. After various conversations with Adams, I will never forget one thing he said to me in a dejected voice during our last phone conversation, “If you hear of anyone who needs a plant manager, let me know.” If I heard of any who did I would certainly have passed his name on, but we all know that sadly there are more people looking for work now than those hiring.

Shortly after that I heard John Lewis, AAMA technical director, was no longer at the association. Though I don’t know the details of Lewis’ departure from AAMA, I was more than sad to see him go. Lewis was very knowledgeable and always a huge help to our staff. So I was delighted yesterday when I heard the news that Lewis will now be working for the National Fenestration Rating Council in a newly created position.

The most recent bad news came last week when I heard Rick Perry, director of industry standards, was leaving the Window and Door Manufacturers Association as his position is being eliminated. Rick was one of the first people I met at the association and always was a huge help. But even more than that, it was obvious he cared about the association’s fate. I remember speaking to him a few years back when the WDMA was going through a transitional phase and he was so eager for the association to find strong leadership to take it forward. It seems they have finally found it, but sadly they will move forward without Perry.

I know companies all have tough decisions to make and I wouldn’t want to be the ones making them, but I just had to write about some of these fine individuals.

I hope Anderson and Perry, and the many others in the industry, all find new ventures as Lewis has and that all find future success.

P.S. On a happier personnel note, congratulations to DWM blogger Jim Plavecsky who recently got married and is in Italy now on his honeymoon.

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  1. Hello Tara and thank you for the kind words. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with some really great individuals while at WDMA, many of which I consider as friends. The outcry of support and well wishes has been overwhelming. We, in our industry are a unique bunch; mostly family owned, American (or Canadian) run businesses. We are a tight family that has been hit hard by recent events in our economy, but I am confident that we will come back stronger and smarter. I have learned a great deal while at WDMA and will take that knowledge into my next adventure. It’s friends like you that make the hard times easier to get through.

    P.S. This came out on my birthday and it was better than a card.

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