Philips Products to Cease Production

June 2nd, 2009 by Editor

It’s another sad day for the fenestration industry, as DWM has learned that another manufacturer will be closing its doors. Philips Products, based in Elkhart, Ind., will be ceasing production this summer. Though company representatives have not responded to repeated calls for comment, the closing of the company has been a popular-though disheartening-topic at this week’s meeting of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) in Minneapolis. During a presentation this afternoon, AAMA president Rich Walker mentioned the closing and likened it to another disheartening topic among conference attendees—the recent disappearance of an Air France jet off the coast of Brazil. Walker noted that Phillips has been a long-time AAMA member.

Suppliers have reported that the company has announced it will take its last order sometime in June. The company has plants throughout the United States.

Kinro, a window manufacturer also based in Elkhart, is reported to be taking over Philips’ facility in some capacity, though officials from Kinro have not been available for comment. Kinro serves both the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle markets.

Philips’ website, which was active up until late this morning, has been removed and now requires a password for use. DWM has called numerous officials at Philips, including company president Ron Mason, with no response.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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  1. Is their any thing to rumor that Kinro picked up Phillips door division?

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  3. I have recently purchased a home with your product windows in it and would like to know who is in charge in case of a warranty issue and how long is the warranty for?

  4. I purchased my home new in 1998. All the windows are Phillips sliding dual pane windows.Every window now has a strange pattern in between the dual pane.What kind of warranty do I have?

  5. What kind of warranty do I have? New house in 1998 needs a couple of windows replaced.

  6. did you ever get a response to your inquiry…I have the same problem with most of my Philips windows on the home we built in 1999…I would like to know if there is any recourse for us or whether we just lump it and assume the “lifetime warranty” meant for the lifetime of the company…….thanks for letting me know. j

  7. need repair of seals in phillips windows. who does it & where are they ?

  8. Call 574-534-6660 or 1-800-852-6008 For Warranty work.
    Phillip’s windows . Check out Kinro 2423 Messick Dr. S Goshen In. 46526

  9. I purchased my modular home in 1995 and it has Phillip windows that are now having problems. Need to know about the warranty. Is there a life-time warranty on the windows or a specific amount of years? Will try calling the phone E-Goodnough left.

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