PGT Innovations Unveils New Corporate Showroom

June 26th, 2023 by Editor

PGT Innovations (PGTI) unveiled a new corporate showroom last week, celebrating the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Area inside new PGTI Corporate Showroom in Venice, Fla. featuring multiple PGTI brands and new glass technology displays.

Located at the company’s corporate headquarters in North Venice, Fla., the new 2,400-square-foot showroom utilizes vignettes of various rooms in a home to demonstrate how products from the company’s multiple brands look, feel and function in real-life environments. Dealers and other building industry partners will be allowed to use the space as an extension of their own showrooms, to introduce homeowners to products from across the company’s family of brands, along with new innovations.

The new showroom and lobby renovation features more than 15 products, glass technology resulting from recent collaborations with Corning Incorporated, and products with dynamic glass.

Brad West, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development; Craig Henderson, Interim Chief Financial Officer; Bob Keller, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation and Technology; Jeff Jackson, President and CEO; Debbie LaPinska, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer; Eric Kowalewski, President of Operations Florida Division; Dave McCutcheon, Senior Vice President of Business Integration; and Ryan Quinn, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.

“As we proudly unveil our new corporate showroom, we also celebrate the strong roots our company’s founders planted in Venice, which have deepened and flourished over the decades we’ve been a part of this remarkable community,” said Jeff Jackson, president and CEO of PGT Innovations. “This showroom stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to continue growing both as a business and a member of the Venice community. It also represents the fusion of our strategic goal of customer-centric innovation and our belief in the power of partnerships. Together, we will continue to drive progress, growth, and shared success.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Monday, June 19, where dealers, architects and homebuilders heard from Jackson, along with Debbie LaPinska, senior vice president and chief customer officer.

After the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to tour the new corporate showroom, view an impact test demonstration, and visit the 24,500-square-foot iLab, which serves as a product incubator and micro-factory.

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