Optimas Solutions Moves to New Headquarters

March 29th, 2021 by Editor

Manufacturer/distributor and service provider Optimas Solutions has moved its global corporate headquarters from Glenview, Ill., into its manufacturing operations in Wood Dale, Ill. By moving to its existing manufacturing facility, the company said it will cut costs and improve operational efficiencies as internal teams and talent will be better positioned in the best interests of business. The move is also being driven partially by increased demand for products and services and underutilized space at the Wood Dale plant.

“There are a number of good reasons to make this move in terms of cost savings, greater efficiencies, maximizing space and integrating teams,” said Marc Strandquist, CEO of Optimas. “But just as important is the need to further build a team concept and culture of winning that can only come about by having everyone housed under one roof. We learned a lot about our people over the past year, especially given COVID-19, and how we pulled together as a team. This move will strengthen that team concept and further build a culture of winning.”

Strandquist pointed to several key learnings in 2020 that influenced this move. Among them are the consolidation of work teams from both corporate operations and manufacturing that delivers greater overall synergy and team energy; a safe environment with flexible working approaches; and the collaboration of the manufacturing work team members representing an average of 19 years of tenure per employee.

“You might say we are bringing people and parts together for a lot of good business reasons, but I feel it is more than that,” said Strandquist. “When we set out on our new Manufacturing Solutions strategy as a company in early 2020 you could see a unique culture forming. Perhaps more than anything, this move is one of culture and character-building grounded in a winning attitude.”

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