Door and Window Musings
by Tara Taffera
August 25th, 2009

On-Site at Extreme Makeover

dscn1211dscn1213dscn1207So forget that I’m a reporter for a minute. Today, I was able to visit the site of the television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition at their latest location, this time in Washington, D.C.It’s been awhile but going back a few years you may remember me writing a column or so about my love of the show. And, yes, while watching, I would definitely be on the lookout for whose windows were installed and wrote about that in DWM.

But this is the first time I was ever invited to the site to see an installation first-hand, so I couldn’t pass it up. This time the windows were provided by a window company who has received a lot of national press lately. Take a guess. If you guessed Serious Materials you would be correct.

Though I went to the site with the hopes of seeing the windows installed, the crew was about eight hours off schedule so that didn’t happen. But I did hang out for awhile to see the walls go up, which of course included the window openings. I also was able to interview Robin Roy, vice president of projects and policy for Serious Materials. (For news coverage from the day, CLICK HERE). It was definitely an exciting day.

And from a news standpoint, it’s nice to see that when the windows were chosen energy-efficiency was given a high priority.

So enjoy some of my photos from the event. I heard it will be several months until the show airs but I will definitely keep you posted.

And if you’re thinking of asking what each of my coworkers asked me, the answer is, “No, I did not see Ty.” Still, it was a very cool day.

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