NWDA Members Discuss Industry Challenges at Winter Meeting

January 28th, 2014 by Editor

Glass, it seems is the biggest problem door and window manufacturers in the Northeast have. Not glass per se, of course, but the rising cost of glass and its transportation.

The Northeast Window and Door Association (NWDA) begin its meeting at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard, Conn., this morning with a roundtable about problems attendees face. Jim Reeb, CEO of CR Manufacturing/Manufacturers Institute led a breakfast roundtable discussion with the approximately 75 attendees to identify common problems. And identify they did and brought their top concerns to the forefront. Specifically:

1. The cost of glass;

2. The cost of freight and transportation (particularly) glass freight;

3. Health care cost and changes;

4. Increased and overlapping regulation;

5. Snow (remember this is a Northeastern association);

One audience member enumerated the long list of different groups, regulations and standards that his company’s windows must meet. “It’s extremely challenging,” he said.

The meeting commenced last night with a networking event and a list of educational sessions are being held today. Stay tuned to dwmmag.com for more news from the event.

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