NT Window Adds Suntuitive Dynamic Glass

July 19th, 2016 by Editor

Pleotint has entered into a sales and distribution partnership with NT Window Inc., that enables the company to offer self-tinting Suntuitive Dynamic Glass with its full line of door, window and sunroom products.

“When we look to offer new products to our customers, we look for things that we know will bring increased value, enhanced safety, superior function and higher efficiency to homeowners,” said Ryon Ray, CEO of NT Window. “That’s why we’re now offering Suntuitive Dynamic Glass.”

NT Window Inc. is a Fort Worth-based door, window and sunroom manufacturer. The company currently distributes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee and New Mexico.

“Suntuitive Dynamic Glass offers significant benefits to the homeowner aside from the ability to self-tint,” Ray said. “Because of its energy performance and ability to limit solar heat buildup, HVAC size and zone requirements can be reduced and occupant comfort improved. And in addition to blocking the heat, while allowing daylight to stream in, Suntuitive Dynamic Glass also moderates glare while providing superior fade and UV protection.”


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