New App Can Help Renovators Comply with Lead Rule

March 12th, 2012 by Editor

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that the agency will continue to enforce its lead renovation repair and painting program (RRP) and pointed out that it performs two types of inspections: record review and on-site inspections.

Michael Daniele, president of Conformé (Italian word for compliance), has developed an app for the iPhone and Android devices, RRP Renovate, that he says will help with the recordkeeping aspect of the program.

“I know the EPA is going to do more enforcement regarding documentation,” says Daniele. “One way they do this is to call the permit and ask for all the documentation … The app takes care of all the paperwork.”

Daniele is not just some programmer who knows nothing about the lead rule. He is a self-pronounced “construction guy” and a certified LRRP instructor.

“The biggest complaint I heard when giving the classes was, ‘I can’t keep up with the paperwork.’ So we [my wife and I] developed the app based on the complaints and difficulties we heard in the classes,” he adds.

The app offers the user a menu of six items. These include a project menu where you can store up to five projects. The app also allows the user to take photographs. Another tab focuses on work practices and what the EPA requires, as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s lead-safe work practices.

Users can download the app and future enhancements are coming in the next several weeks and Daniele has future plans for the company and the app.

“We would like to expand to a full-service subscription,” he says. “For those that don’t like to keep the paperwork we can do that for them either per job or on a monthly basis.”

“We know the market is big and we know the pain the renovators feel about having to keep so much documentation,” he adds. “We want to help them do all the things we need to do to keep homeowners lead-safe.”

The app also was one of 38 finalists in the EPA’s recent “Apps for the Environment Challenge.”

Daniele launched Renovate RRP in January of 2012 and says, “I would love to have 50,000 downloads by January of next year.”

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