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by Mark Milanese
September 30th, 2014

Making Door and Window Education Fun!

How can we make educating the consumer about doors and windows fun? Successful door and window specialists must separate themselves from their less knowledgeable counterparts by educating consumers. That being said, it is important to remember that nobody wants to go shopping only to end up being bored to death by a sales spiel. The education process must be a natural-sounding conversation about an interesting subject.

There are so many variables for a consumer to consider when purchasing new doors and windows. It may take us years to learn what we know about window brands, makes, models, shapes, styles, options for frames, etc. You must assume the consumer doesn’t know all they should to make good door and window decisions but also doesn’t want to spend years learning that stuff. It’s up to you to teach the potential client about their purchase quickly and painlessly.

This is a purchase most clients have never made before and may never make again. Buying a new door or window is not water-cooler conversation like it is with television, car or home purchases. The client simply doesn’t get good information about doors and windows from their peers, over the internet, big box outlets or most salespeople, frankly.

If the consumer doesn’t know how to compare and doesn’t know what their choices are they are more likely to make their buying decision on the lowest common denominator – price. A buying decision based upon price alone often causes customer dissatisfaction and competing on price alone can bankrupt even the highest volume business.

That’s why I try to never lose an opportunity to educate the consumer! I know my client is more likely to be satisfied and happy with their choice when they learn how to compare products properly. Their happiness makes me happy because someone I’ve met made a good choice after learning from me and as a businessman, I know a satisfied customer is more likely to recommend me to others and become a repeat customer.

So, how can we make subjects like DP Ratings and NFRC Labels fun and easy for the consumer to learn?

To teach my students (the door and window buyer) how to compare one product to another using independent, certified, standardized testing such as DP Ratings and NFRC Labels I use terms they can easily identify with in ways that keep their attention.

There is nothing like a live performance, but I’ve tried to share some of the concepts I use to teach with the written word. Please remember, these lessons contain references and talking points. They’re not a script and they’re not a substitute for a conversation at the kitchen table or showroom, but they may give you ideas of how to make learning about doors and windows more fun for your students so they can become smart buyers.

Read my blog post “Crash Test Ratings for Windows about how DP Ratings are similar to Crash Test Ratings for cars.

Read my blog post “Miles per Gallons for Windows” about how the NFRC label is similar to the Mile per Gallon Sticker glued to car windows.

Go to my website and download my Consumer Guide. The guide includes “Consumer Tips” on everything from the invention of the window to the intricacies of a Lifetime Warranty and everything in-between.

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