LaCantina Gets Third Straight Customer Satisfaction Award

April 25th, 2018 by Editor

LaCantina Doors recently earned the Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award for the third consecutive year.

Based on unbiased annual research – independent of industry participants to insure objectivity – the award identifies companies in the building and construction trades that provide an excellent customer experience and honors themd.

The Pulse of the City News research team analyzes research and information gathered from many sources, including online business and consumer user-review websites, blogs, social media, business-rating services, and other credible sources, and determines a yearly rating for each company. Companies that receive the highest possible rating of four to five stars earn the Pulse Award.

“Excellent customer service entails providing the highest quality representatives to act with compassion and work with the customers toward a positive outcome,” said Lee Maughan, LaCantina’s VP and general manager.

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