J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey: A Strong Brand Image Pays Off

July 14th, 2015 by Editor

The J.D. Power 2015 Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study shows that most homeowners like to purchase fenestration products with as little outside input as possible – but manufacturers with strong brands who reach customers directly can make the buying experience much more satisfying for them.

A total of 66 percent of customers indicate that they make the brand decision themselves, with the remaining 34 percent relying on outside guidance, such as from an installer, distributor or architect. Satisfaction is significantly lower among customers who receive outside help with their purchase decision, compared with those who decide for themselves (785 vs. 815, respectively, based on a 1,000-point scale). According to the study, 57 percent of customers who purchase windows are first-time buyers.

Most window manufacturers have limited direct contact with customers. Just 17 percent of customers indicate they purchased their window either directly through the manufacturer or a manufacturer-owned store or distributor. Yet satisfaction among customers who purchase their windows directly is significantly higher (835) than among those who purchase elsewhere (799). Satisfaction is also significantly higher for ordering and delivery among customers who purchase directly (854) vs. purchasing elsewhere (821).

“To capture business and increase customer satisfaction, manufacturers have an opportunity to get their brand front and center with the customer to drive their value message at every possible touch point through the shopping, purchase, delivery, installation and ownership period,” said Christina Cooley, director of home improvement industries at J.D. Power. “Given that most customers do not purchase directly from the manufacturer and that professionals or retailers can have substantial influence on a customer’s brand decision, manufacturers must communicate a strong brand message and deliver on it through their products and service.”

Now in its ninth year, the J.D. Power study measures satisfaction among customers who purchased windows and/or patio doors within the past 12 months, based on performance in five factors: appearance and design features; operational performance and durability; ordering and delivery; price paid for products and services received; and warranty. The 2015 Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study is based on survey responses from 2,442 customers.

For the first time, Renewal by Andersen ranks highest in customer satisfaction with windows and patio doors. With 833 points, the company ranks highest in customer satisfaction among window and patio door brands and performs particularly well in ordering and delivery, operational performance, and durability and design features.

“This ranking is an honor for everyone who works at Renewal by Andersen,” said Paul Delahunt, president of Renewal by Andersen. “Ever since joining this company, I’ve been impressed by the dedication and effort that go into ensuring every customer job is done right, but being ranked highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power is a great achievement for the whole team.”

Pella (824) ranks second, followed by Window World (817).

Overall satisfaction with windows and patio doors is 803.

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