Positive Polarity
by Dave Molenda
October 9th, 2014

Is “Control” a Good Thing?

Has anyone ever called you a “control freak,” or “controlling?” With as many things as are seemingly out of our control, it’s no wonder that we want to control as much as we can! Now, shift your focus away from your personal life and focus on your business life for a second …

As you think about business, the word “control” seems to lose its negativity, doesn’t it?

  • “Make sure and control your expenses.”
  • “Remember to control the sales process.”
  • “Who has the controlling shares in your business?”
  • “When I am gone, you are in control.”
  • “We became profitable by controlled.”

So now, let’s look back at the first statement I made, “With as many things as are “seemingly” out of control …” Are you aware of just how much you actually do control in your day-to-day business life? I hear many people blame the government, the weather, the clients, the economy, the banks, the competitor … on and on it goes. How easy it is to place the blame onto others, so that we can avoid the spotlight being on us?

Did you know that 75 percent of your job success is based on your optimism, your social support and  your ability to see stress as a challenge and not a threat? And the last 25 percent is based on your IQ.

So who really controls your job success?

You, your environment, or the gifts God gave you when you were born? Clearly according to this study, it falls primarily on you. Want more proof?

Did you know that 90 percent of long-term happiness is due to the way our brain processes the world and only 10 percent of our long-term happiness is due to the external world’s effect on us?

When you choose to be positive, a chemical called Dopamine floods your brain and two things happen:

  1. You become a happier person.
  2. The learning center in your brain is turned on and you learn faster and better.

So we can look at the word “control” and continue to think that we are not in control, or we can look at the word and realize just how much “control” we really do have. Do yourself a favor right now and think of a positive situation that happened recently at work for you. Spend about 60 seconds cementing that into your brain. Think of all the people you affected positively, think of the smiles that you put on other people’s faces, and think of the good feeling that it gave you. As the Dopamine now rushes into your system, you are better equipped to face the day. Return to that “happy place” as often as needed today!!

If you want to learn how to create lasting positive change in your life, please email me and I will send you the five keys to lasting change. Email dave@positivepolarity.com and then get ready to take back some control!


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