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September 7th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs


A Flexible and Ladder-Friendly System

Ladders and racks aren’t always so nice to one another—especially when loading and unloading. But the new Clamp Rack from Ranger Design includes inside hooks that guide ladders on during loading and unloading. A throttle latch secures ladders from the outside to avoid rungs, brackets and gussets, and is designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact—the type that creates splinters in fiberglass ladders.

In addition, the company’s new Modular Rack System also includes an access stow rack, low roof max rack, cargo rack and a combination rack.

Sizing Up in Seconds

For window manufacturers that need to size up incoming profiles and extruders that need to measure product ahead of the manufacturing process, iNOEX offers advanced solutions for performing measurements. In partnership with Ascona GmbH, the company provides its Promex Optical Measurement Solutions for 2D, cross-sectional measurement of extrusions. Measure profile dimensions, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, capstock thickness, gauge alignment, weight, inline surface inspection, or even tooling plates.

Complete profile measurement can be performed in five to seven seconds, according to the company.

Hurricane and Impact

Styled for Impact

RSL says its new Flat Shaker Impact Frame meets design pressure and wind and missile impact code requirements for high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) areas, eliminating the need for hurricane shutters. The product includes a smooth vinyl frame that fits 2-6, 2-8 and 3-0 doors with normal cutouts, including snap-on cap covers for screws. Designed to be easy to paint or stain, materials are low maintenance and available with clear, low-E, bronze, gray, turtle or decorative glass options. The company’s Hurricane Impact door glass uses laminated glass, is approved for HVHZ installations and also provides benefits for sound transmission reduction and home security.

The product is available with blinds between glass.

Frameless Performance

Officials for Faour Glass Technologies say their company received the first Florida product approval for a frameless impact window with insulating glass. Designed to meet the “growing demand for thermal performance with an impact-resistant glazing system,” Slimpact XLIG is now approved for large missile applications with design pressures of up to +90/-90 PSF
and sizes of up to 8 feet wide by 12 feet high.

The product was introduced in 2015 and features a frameless, structural glazing technique designed for the luxury residential and commercial markets

Glass and Related

Red, White and Blue

Privacy Glass Solutions moved all of the design, engineering and assembly for its BetweenGlassBlinds to the U.S. The move brings “quality improvements, expanded selections and faster turnaround times,” the company suggests.

BetweenGlassBlinds are double-glazed units, with fully integrated Venetian blinds, hermetically sealed between two lites of glass. Residential applications include large door panels, sliding doors, floor-to-ceiling partitioning systems and entry doors.

In addition to being produced domestically, new and improved versions boast enhanced internal mechanisms, officials say. Color selections have also been updated.

Doors and Windows

Let it Pour

Masonite announced its new DuraStyle exterior wood doors with AquaSeal technology. DuraStyle wood doors are offered in an array of designs, sticking types, panel profiles, wood varieties and glass options for residential design. Officials say they’re constructed with premium components and further protected by AquaSeal. This addresses a leading cause of failure by sealing the edges of wood panels and glass inserts with a clear barrier to protect against water penetration. According to company info, the technique delivers up to 22 times the protection against water penetration compared to exterior wood doors without the same technology. Doors are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Hands On

With Schlage’s Wi-Fi-Enabled Encode

Pick up Schlage’s wi-fi-enabled Encode lock and one of the first things you’re likely to notice is its weight. The product features a sturdier build than other electronic locks tested by [DWM]’s editors. Add to that a full lineup of connectivity features and this lock is a prime choice for customers who are interested in smart home integrations.

If you’ve installed wi-fi-enabled locks in the past, only to find that you need to supply a second piece of hardware for connecting them to wi-fi, you won’t have those issues with Encode. The unit connects directly to wi-fi and can be paired with Schlage’s Home app then integrated with Key by Amazon, Google Assistant, Ring and Yonomi.

Installation of lock hardware is straightforward and can be done in minutes by a professional, with several features that help the process along. Bolt length is adjustable, and the product includes clips that automatically engage, securing it in place while you deal with routing wires. Also, while some powered locks leave you cramped for space when it comes to excess wires, this lock has plenty of area for wires to nest. Batteries are also included, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting.

An included quick start guide walks you through the process of installation but be forewarned that when it comes to setting up the lock’s electronic features, you won’t find any info. Instead, installers will need to have access to a customer’s smartphone in order to help them download and setup Schlage’s app (for iOS and Android). Access codes can be programmed manually and used with the lock’s touchscreen keypad, but there again you won’t find instructions in the box. The process is as simple as entering the programming code supplied with the lock, after which you can have the customer input the code they’d like to use, followed by the button with a checkmark on it. Enter the code again, press the checkmark again and the lock is ready to be used. If you later setup the lock’s wi-fi features, any codes entered manually are then erased and manual programming disabled.

In the end, for customers looking for full wi-fi functionality and remote access, Encode is a solid choice that installers will find easy once they find and learn the directions.

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