Introducing July/August 2021

August 20th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Low-Profile Security

Hurricane testing requires more than just the right impact-resistant glass; it often requires additional locking points—especially for products with low-profile tracks and thresholds. Functional Fenestration Inc.’s new Anti-Derailer Lock provides an additional security locking point for the bottom rail on multi-slide, lift-and-slide and swing style doors.

All moving parts are made from stainless steel to withstand the rigors of any environment, including coastal areas. Strike keeps and screws are included for wood, vinyl/PVC and metal doors, and the product offers two positions when locking: 9/16 inch and ¾ inch.

The patent-pending lock requires no additional milling, while fitting inside a typical lift-and-slide 22 mm by 47 mm slot.

An Alternative to Molded Doors

Simpson’s new Redi-Prime Interior Door collection combines the company’s method for using medium-density fiberboard (MDF) veneers and classic stile-and-rail surfaces with solid MDF panels and a priming process that officials say produces long-lasting interior painted doors. The product is a “proven value,” they say, when compared to standard molded-skin interior doors. The line is available in French, barn and raised-panel designs, with flush designs coming soon.

The full line is distributed nationwide.

Unified Data

If you’re tired of using numerous applications to gain an overall view of your company’s business, officials for Soft Tech say the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software serves as a true source of centralized data, with no need for double data entry. From front office through to factory floor, the system is designed to integrate everyday essential business processes into one location.

Instead of starting from scratch, officials say the company’s technicians can provide a base data transfer to Microsoft’s Business Central ERP platform, after which you can choose to customize on your own, or with the assistance of a specialist.

The company’s ERP Extensions Module offers a pre-defined solution for businesses looking to improve efficiencies within their estimation and manufacturing workflow processes.

Easier Onsite Assembly

With a knockdown frame that’s designed to be assembled onsite, the new Distinct Composite Sliding Patio Door from United Window and Door provides simple installation and sturdy performance. The product features heavy-duty composite sash profiles and can be customized with upgraded hardware options and blinds between glass. A three-step process starts with installing the frame, after which the operating panel and fixed panels can be set. Pre-applied locating pins and gaskets, alignment holes in the sill, and slip-in installation flanges make assembly easy, officials say.

The product is currently available at Lowe’s.

Disappearing Edges

For instances where stainless steel and other materials interfere with views, Glasslam’s new ClearSpacer is designed for clear edge insulating glass. The product uses a transparent acrylic sealant on both sides of the spacer, which company reps say provides outstanding viscoelastic and adhesion properties. Virtually invisible after application, the product is formulated for durable, long-lasting adhesion. According to company information it exceeds industry standards for shear strength and bonding to high surface energy substrates, even at high temperatures.

“ClearSpacer is especially suited for the refrigeration door and cabinet market, where maximizing the viewing area to the interior is critical and is all the rage right now in Europe, but using transparent spacers on vertical frameless sides of IG units will become more and more popular, and should spill into the residential slider and double hung market as well,” says Gerhard Reichert, president.

Great for Brick and Stucko

Sika’s new Sikaflex-511 is a low-modulus, textured, on-component sealant that’s designed for high movement and is optimized for use as a perimeter weather seal.

The company’s new hybrid sealant is a “brother” to its Sikaflex 510 AM50, officials say. With plus or minus 50% movement, the product is designed to provide excellent unprimed adhesion to just about every substrate, including vinyl. To back those claims, the company provides a 10- year weather seal warranty. The product’s white appearance will not discolor and can be painted as soon as it skins over (around 40 minutes). While Sikflex 510 AM50 has a smooth finish, Sikaflex 511 features a textured finish to match stucco or mortar, making it an excellent option for any application where stucco or brick is involved. The product is also designed to cure on exposure to atmospheric humidity. The product is supplied through the company’s Vertical Glass Division.

Sikaflex 511 is used as a perimeter seal around doors and windows, officials say, as is Sikaflex 510 AM50. The product can also be used as a perimeter seal between a flashing and the door or window frame.

An Alternative to Impact Glass

Rehau’s new System 190 hung slider with integrated Raushield storm protection system is designed to be an economical way to meet hurricane impact codes in residential and light commercial buildings. Designed for new construction and replacement markets, the new 3-¼-inch frame includes integral anchor points that allow for quick, easy installation of a storm protection fabric that meets Zone 3 windload requirements. For homeowners, preparation is as simple as snapping off a removable cover strip and attaching the reusable fabric panel. The Raushield frame can be installed in any wall construction without disrupting building façades, while eliminating the need to offset shutters for anchor clearance.

According to company information, Raushield storm protection system reduces the cost of supplying impact-compliant windows by at least 35% compared to using impact glass.

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