Intertek’s ETL Mark to Enter the Building Products Market

December 18th, 2015 by Casey Flores

Chicago-based Intertek, a quality solutions provider to industries around the world, has introduced its ETL Certification Mark to the global building products market. The goal is to “help simplify recognition of approved building products to Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), retailers and end-users,” according to a company release.

Three years ago Intertek introduced the ETL Mark alongside its Warnock Hersey Mark, which was used for the building products industry, to support the integration of electrical products into the building materials world. The market’s acceptance of the ETL Mark to represent compliance to product conformity to safety and performance standards is now allowing the company to use the ETL Mark alone in certifying building products.

“The Warnock Hersey Mark has been a significant part of Intertek’s past, and has played an important role in helping us become a leader in the Building Products Industry,” says Michael Beaton, vice president of building products certification. “However, it is hard to ignore or deny the growth, recognition, and significance of our ETL Mark, which is now becoming the mark of the future, offering significant benefit to our clients.”

The ETL Mark as a certification mark for building products will be effective immediately for newly certified products. Manufacturers of certified products that are currently labeled with the Warnock Hersey Mark are encouraged to adopt the ETL Mark as soon as possible, but will have a five year transition period (through December 31, 2020) to make the change. Though its focus is moving to the ETL Mark, Intertek will continue to support the Warnock Hersey Mark fully in those markets where it has unsurpassed mark recognition, specifically fire door and solid fuel hearth products.

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